Main Street Kitchen Street Fundraiser Mural

Exciting News For Our Neighborhood

The vacant lot at 4500 Harford Road, long used for the Tuesday Market in Lauraville, will be developed into a commercial kitchen and community gathering space! HLMS was fortunate to secure a $250,000 Bond Bill to develop the property from the State of MD in 2014.

We must raise $50,000 first in order to access the state funds!  

We have raised $15,331 through HLMS Discount card sales, raffles, the Octoberfest beer garden, yard sales, and generous business and board member donations. In addition, our online campaign raised $4,503!

We still need $30,000 to meet the requirements from the state to access the $250,000 bond bill we were awarded. You can help by purchasing a lemon at Hamilton Bakery, Green Onion, or Zeke’s Coffee, by purchasing a HLMS Discount Card, or clicking the button below to make a direct donation.

THANK YOU for your support!  We met our goal to raise $50,000.

Summer, 2016:  The process to develop the property for Main Street Kitchen has started.  The lot has been consolidated, changing the address from 4500 – 4504 to 4500 Harford Road.  A pre-development meeting at the Planning Department has been completed.  Colbert Matz Rosenfelt, Inc. has been chosen for civil engineering work.  A survey of the property is underway and should be completed later in September, 2016.

The existing building will be completely renovated, and a commercial kitchen and industrial refrigeration units will be added. The exterior will be re-landscaped, with space for a farmer’s market, a small stage, shade areas, benches, and pleasing green space along Harford Road.

The kitchen will be available for rent, and used by start-up businesses, caterers and restaurants, and for nutrition and cooking classes. The outdoor space will be a new, fresh home for the Tuesday Market as well as other community events.

History of The Lot

A gas station once stood on the street corner of a Northeast Baltimore neighborhood until the city of Baltimore purchased the lot. After cleaning it up, remediating the soil and making cosmetic changes to the building, it became a resource to bring residents together.

Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street uses the lot frequently for community events. They transformed the former gas station into a center of vitalization and camaraderie. It has been used for yard sales, block parties, holiday gatherings and more.

“These events have become a great asset to the community, and help bring people together,” said Kristin Hernandez, fundraising chair for HLMS.

After working with vendors for a few years at the weekly farmer’s market, HLMS decided that installing a commercial kitchen incubator would work well to serve the community’s wants and needs. This practical, innovative project—appropriately named the Main Street Kitchen at The Lot—will give residents and chefs access to prepare food at the market and through other venues. It will be conducive to outdoor events, with covered space for market vendors and plenty of space for children to play.

The state of Maryland awarded HLMS a bond bill for $250,000 to develop and renovate the existing property, contingent on raising $50,000 on their own. All money raised through this online fundraiser will be used to pay for architectural drawings, permits and fees to start the construction of this community kitchen as well as landscaping and exterior building costs once the construction begins.

Urban agriculture is crucial in cities like Baltimore where there are food deserts and a lack of access to healthy foods. This community kitchen will go a long way toward eliminating that problem.