Healthy Neighborhood Initiative

Hamilton Lauraville Healthy Neighborhood Initiative

Who We Are
Healthy Neighborhoods began in 2001 as an initiative to target investment in Baltimore’s “middle neighborhoods” – those areas that are relatively stable, but not too distressed, and not overly competitive. Beginning with just a handful of neighborhoods, the program has expanded to cover 40 communities all across the city.

Healthy Neighborhoods is a partnership of banks, foundations, government and community organizations that helps strong but undervalued neighborhoods increase home values, market their communities, create high standards for property improvement and build strong connections among neighbors and schools.

Where We Work
Hamilton-Lauraville Healthy Neighborhood target areas are Arcadia, Beverly Hills, Hamilton Hills, Lauraville, Morgan Park, Moravia-Walther and Waltherson. We have 42 target blocks located within our target areas.

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Target Blocks First – In Healthy Neighborhoods we direct special resources and energy to target blocks. By targeting the strongest, most marketable areas of a neighborhood to become the “postcard blocks” we can set high standards for the neighborhood as a whole and re-define the neighborhood’s image in terms of its best assets.

Block projects are designed to improve your neighborhood’s appearance, get to know your neighbors and build stronger communities. Block projects are a basic market and community building tool.

Healthy Neighborhoods could provide grants for you and your neighbors to complete a block improvement project that will enhance your block’s appearance.

Check out the list of Target Blocks throughout our community.

What We Offer

Purchase and Renovation Loan:
To acquire and rehab a home located on a target block with no maximum loan amount, 3% down , no mortgage insurance required, 4% interest rate, free consultation with in-house architect. You can borrow up to 110% or the post-rehab value. Limited to target blocks.

Refinance and Renovatation Loan:
Borrow up to 110% of after-rehab value, no private mortgage insurance, 4% interest rate, 2 points required as loan origination fee, and free design advice. Limited to target blocks.

Home Improvement Loan:
Borrow between $5,000 and $20,000, 4% interest rate, free consultation with an architect, eligible for any home in the target neighborhood, not limited to target blocks.

Matching Grant:
All recipients of a Healthy Neighborhoods loans are eligible to receive up to a $10,000 matching grant to help with renovations, as long as they meet the income guidelines.

Block Projects:
Improve your neighborhood’s appearance and get to know your neighbors …do a block project. Healthy Neighborhoods could provide up to $5,000 for you and your neighbors to complete a block improvement project that will enhance your block’s appearance. Limited to target blocks.

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Contact our office today to learn how you can take advantage of the many programs Healthy Neighborhoods as to offer. Call Pam Wallace at 410-319-7155 or via email